Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just My Luck

So, it is well known that I have had some bad luck while I have been away at school at BYU Hawaii. First I lost my debit card after only one week being in Hawaii. Then I managed to lock my keys in my desk and had to have lock cut off. Third, I nearly lost my skirt in the cafeteria in front of the boy I had meet the week before. Yes, it was very embarrassing. Then when I finally was about to receive my debit card, I had to cancel it because of some fraudulent charges on my account using a card I had never seen. Well, long story short it turned out to be my mom, who by mistake used the wrong card for some of her purchases. There are many more just my luck incidents just ask me.

And today I got to add to my pile of bad luck. I get to speak in Sacrament in two weeks, yes!!!! What have I done so wrong to get this. I have a huge fear of public speaking. And to top it off it has to be ten minutes long. What am I going to talk about? I don't know what I could possibly say that they don't already know, half my ward are return missionaries i will only look like a fool. I can hardly speak in casual conversation, how am I going to speak in front of over a hundred people that I hardly know. It would have been one thing to do in Castaic because I have lived there for the past eight years but that's not the case now. What am I going to do? This truly is Just My Luck.