Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Dam Job.

There is nothing quite like having a job where you can use the word "dam" all you want and not get in trouble. I made up this speech to go with my new job:

"Welcome to the Castaic dam. I will be your dam tour guide and would be happy to answer your dam questions after my dam speech. Once I have finished my dam speech you can give me your dam money and I will give you your dam ticket.

As you can see it is because of the dam that we are able to have this dam lagoon and the dam upper lake. Many people enjoy many activities at this dam location such as swimming with the dam fish, playing in the dam sand and throwing the dam rocks. People also like to fish here and we call these people the dam fishermen. We also have our beautiful dam picnic areas, the dam playground and the dam campgrounds.

Please use your dam map, follow the dam rules and read the dam signs. Please use caution in this dam environment and watch out for the dam wildlife... and no I am not referring to the damn children. If you have any dam question please come to the dam kiosk and see me, your dam tour guide. Please enjoy your dam stay. "

Come on you can't tell me that it wouldn't be fun to be able to say whatever you dam well pleased. All joking aside the job is going well, it pays the bills and pays for school, what more can you ask for.