Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bad Sense of Humor

I have been told that I have a bad sense of humor, or a twisted sense of humor on several different occasions. Why do I have a twisted sense of humor? It is because I have a "habit", I guess you could call it, to laugh when someone falls or gets hurt, within reason. I am not really sure why but for some reason people think it is wrong to laugh when someone falls or gets hurt, but I can't help but laugh. Someone once thought I was crying when I witnessed someone get hurt but that was only until they saw I was laughing so hard that it made my eyes water.What can I say I am a horrible horrible person. I guess that is why America's Funniest Home Videos is one of my favorite T.V. shows.
I receive comfort knowing that I am not the only person to have this problem. I remember on one occasion when Yannette and I laughed hysterically at Jessi shortly after Yannette through a nectarine at Jessi's face. And I know that Jessi laughs at people just as much as I do. Do take comfort to know that I do in fact feel bad about laughing a little bit. kind of? maybe? maybe not? But sense it is the right thing to do I would like to take this time to apologize, sort of, to those of you who I have laughed at during your time of humiliation or pain. But to prove that I wasn't completely in the wrong and that it is in fact funny here is a video. Do not judge me unless you can get through this video without smiling, snickering, or laughing.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Defined by A Soundtrack

I love music. If you were to ask anyone in my immediate family they would probably tell you that I would go through withdrawals without it, which I am currently going through since misplacing my iPOD somewhere in my house...You know in that safe place that I will remember but now have forgotten. One of the things that I love about music is that there is a song for probably every emotion, so no matter what you are feeling there is something to listen to. Music allows people to express themselves with out saying a thing. Emotions can definitely influence your music selection. But with that said, it should also be said that music also has an amazing power to control our emotions.

Have you ever been asked the question: If you had to create a soundtrack for you life at this very moment in time what would be on it? This isn't to be confused with a soundtrack of your favorite songs, but more the background music to your life as if it were a movie. It is something to think about especially if you are to be completely honest with yourself.

After some thought here is my soundtrack (keep in mind it isn't in any kind of order):

1. Dream by Priscilla Ahn
2. Tied together With a Smile by Taylor Swift
3. Falling Awake by Gary Jules
4. Billy S. by Skye Sweetnam
5. This is Me by Demi Lovato
6. B**** by Meredeth Brooks
7. Some Day My Prince Will Come by Snow White
8. Tamahana by Te Vaka
9. Disturbia by Rihanna
10. Hum Your Favorite Hymn by Child song Book
11. Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cindi Lauper
12. As I Am by Miley Cyrus
13. I Was Here by Lady Antebellum
14. My Last Breath by Evanescence

It is a lot harder then it looks to come up with a soundtrack for yourself, but when you are done you can learn a lot about yourself and what you are currently feeling and going through. I am sure that if I were to ask my family or friends to list what they thought should be on my list it would be completely different. That another great thing about music is that it is different for everyone and is constantly changing. What is on your own soundtrack?