Sunday, November 29, 2009

Let the Count Down Begin

What are we counting down to? Didn't you know? I have exactly five weeks from today before I am to be flashed frozen in Idaho. It is a process that is normally done to fruits, meats, and vegetables when they are subject to really cold temperatures to help preserve them. Several months ago I thought it would be a good idea to perform an experiment to see if it was possible that this same process could be done to humans. It sounds a lot better to say that I am going away to a school in a town forty to fifty degrees colder then my home town in the name of science, then saying that I have simply lost my mind.

Here is to science, my sister would be so proud.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Dam Job.

There is nothing quite like having a job where you can use the word "dam" all you want and not get in trouble. I made up this speech to go with my new job:

"Welcome to the Castaic dam. I will be your dam tour guide and would be happy to answer your dam questions after my dam speech. Once I have finished my dam speech you can give me your dam money and I will give you your dam ticket.

As you can see it is because of the dam that we are able to have this dam lagoon and the dam upper lake. Many people enjoy many activities at this dam location such as swimming with the dam fish, playing in the dam sand and throwing the dam rocks. People also like to fish here and we call these people the dam fishermen. We also have our beautiful dam picnic areas, the dam playground and the dam campgrounds.

Please use your dam map, follow the dam rules and read the dam signs. Please use caution in this dam environment and watch out for the dam wildlife... and no I am not referring to the damn children. If you have any dam question please come to the dam kiosk and see me, your dam tour guide. Please enjoy your dam stay. "

Come on you can't tell me that it wouldn't be fun to be able to say whatever you dam well pleased. All joking aside the job is going well, it pays the bills and pays for school, what more can you ask for.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Don't Blog Often

So when I do blog it must be important......


I love you. I hope You had a fabulous day.

हैप्पी बर्थडे
ഹാപ്പി ബര്ത്ഡേ
హ్యాపీ బర్త్డే

Monday, July 27, 2009

This is Me Blogging

It has been forever since the last time I blogged. What can I say, the Mayor took all of the blogging genes. Actually there just hasn't been anything interesting in my life that has been blog worthy. Yes, my life is that boring.

If you know me even just a little or are my friend on facebook, then you would know that I am going to BYU Idaho this January. You can ask me what the h@*& possessed me to decide to go somewhere so cold, when my primary footwear is flip flops, but I couldn't give you an answer. Anyways back to the purpose of this blog, when I went a way to Hawaii I made a quilt for my dorm room bed, so now that I going away to school again and this time will need a quilt or two for my bed, I have started to piece my quilt for Idaho. My mom found the fabrics and I have to say I love them. The mayor might have taken all of the blogging genes but fortunately or unfortunately depending on who you ask, my mom has passed on enough decorating and crafting genes for all of us girls. With that said here is my latest project:

This is what it should look like when it is done. My mom and I have decided that we don't care for the brown border so we are going to try and find a coordinating fabric to make up the border and backing.

Next on the to do list is a pillowcase and coordinating decorative pillows:)

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Wow, it is good to see that I am such a blogging queen. My excuse for not blogging is that I am doing the world a favor by not boring people with my boring life. I go to school, and that's pretty much my life, I know pathetic. So for this blog I am gong to write a list of everything that comes to my mind for the next few minutes...that way you know that I was telling the truth about doing the world a favor.

-The new Hannah Montana CD isn't that bad (sorry dad)
-I need to file my taxes...oops I guess it can wait.
-Why am I blogging at 11:30 at night?
-I really want a diet Pepsi...I have gone for three weeks without that sweet elixir of life.
-I can't believe one of my best friends is moving in less then a month to Texas...that traitor, jerk.
-I am not crying, I have "allergies"
-If there is an earthquake right now I am going to die because a candle in a glass container hanging above my bed will fall on my head...if I go into a coma please call Dr. House.
-What do you get when you play a country song backwards?
-I feel like I am in Emperor's new groove with angels and devils on my shoulders.
-Life sure can throw you curve balls and make you jump through hoops...Is it worth it?
-I am cold, what was I thinking when I accepted my acceptance into BYU Idaho for winter semester.
-I get to see the cutest little bug on Tuesday.
-What do normal people do on spring break, I welcome the no school part but I am twelve hours into spring break and I am already bored.
-I wonder if anyone is even going to read this far on this post, can't blame them if they don't.
-I really need to get a life.

That was kind of therapeutic, of course anyone who read this is having opposite thoughts and is now feeling much better about themselves. I will work on getting a life so that my posts can be a little more exciting.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


To begin with, I hope everyone was sitting down when they saw that I actually blogged, if not pick yourself up off the look funny on the ground:)

If you have a facebook account then you might know that this is being sent around. Instead of posting it on my facebook I decided to use it as an opportunity to post something on my neglected blog. The idea is that you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you and then tag 25 more people... but I am not going to tag. So enjoy my randomness.

1. Two months ago I learned that daydreaming and shaving your legs at the same time is never a good idea.
2. The most expensive thing I have ever purchased besides tuition is a cat.
3. I have been on three different continents.
4. The weirdest pet I have had was a hedgehog.
5. I learned at an early age coolers are airtight.
6. I love playing sports but can't stand watching them on T.V.
7. I am a queen at tetris!! :)
8. For eight months I lived in the middle of the Pacific ocean.
9. I laugh when people fall down.
10. I am majoring in how to be the perfect Mormon wife a.k.a home and family living...I like my title better.
11. I love Burn Notice. Or is it called Burn Not Ice? Any suggestions Erica?
12. I don't have a favorite color.
13. I have horrible hand writing.
14. I can watch a movie over and over and over. The record is eight times in one day.
15. In six months I am no longer going to be a teenager.
16. I love going to the 99.99 cent only store.
17. I can't stand tomatoes but I love salsa.
18. I teach primary.
19. My least favorite day of the week is Tuesday.
20. People don't like to go to the movies with me because I laugh too loud.
21. I am good at making messes
22. I would rather eat leftovers for breakfast then breakfast foods.
23. I think the person who invented the tide pen should be sainted.
24. I am easily amused.
25. I also think the people at both pepsiCO and Cocoa cola should be sainted.

P.S. this is not a tag so you can relax.