Monday, May 31, 2010

Is That Wrong?

Have you ever had an urge to do something that wasn't maybe very nice but made you giggle none the less at the very thought of it?(I know my sister Jessi has) I have. This morning I was so thoughtfully woken up by my roommate, long before I ever thought I wanted to get up, so she could wish me a Happy Memorial Day. I couldn't go back to bed so I thought I should probably call my family and wish them too a Happy Memorial Day. I did this all too knowingly that their time zone is behind mine, and that it was even earlier for them then it was for me. This very thought made me giggle. I know I am a sick and evil person, I blame the lack of sleep and this darn cold that won't leave me alone.

Don't worry you can rest at ease knowing I didn't do can thank me later family:) Is it wrong to get a giggle out of doing something like this?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Last Thing I Need

If you know my family even in the slightest bit, you know that we love our hobbies. When it comes to hobbies and me, I definitely have more then my fair share and the last thing I need is a new one. Well, when you say you are not going to do something, you usually go out and do it. For me I wasn't going to get another hobby while in school. And well, as nature would have it, I went out and found a new one. What is this new hobby you ask? Cake Decorating. There is something relaxing about decorating a cake, it distracts me from my thoughts, my surroundings, and just life its self. Best part about this hobby, I can eat it. I normally don't eat my hobbies, I don't eat pottery or a quilt or a drawing, but cake? I will eat a cake. GREAT, not only did I get a hobby I didn't need, but I got a hobby that comes with calories I don't need on the hips.

I have always felt awkward when it comes to sharing the things I create with others, except for with my parents. My mom has been on my case lately about the lack of pictures telling me that the whole point of a blog is to post pictures[Did you get that Mayor? Blogs= more pictures:)]. Since this is a blog and it is my blog I guess I have no choice; I have to post some pictures of my work. Enjoy! Well... enjoy the best you can, I think you can imagine what two layers of chocolate cake with a layer of vanilla cake in between can taste like.

I still have a lot of practice a head of me. But that is the whole point of hobbies, right?
P.s. Don't feel bad, I didn't get to eat this one either.

This next picture is one we did quickly in class and had only a little bit of time to do it. The whole point of the exercise was to learn how to use edible paper.

I love Cookie Monster!!! He has always made me smile, I guess that is why I choose to use him, I was in need of a smile.

Oh dear, if my mom has it her way, I guess I have two new hobbies I don't need: cake decorating and blogging. More hobbies... that is the last thing I need.